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Spoiler title

How do I lodge money raised for the charity?

Can you advise on what cycle kit / equipment I need to pack / bring with me?

I'm a bit nervous as I am planning to do a stage / some stages / full tour on my own.

How will my luggage get transported?

What happens if I get tired and can't finish a stage?

How and when will my bike get transported?

Once I raise the funds required to do the stage (€290) or the full tour (€1,500), what other expenses will I have on the tour?

I am a keen cyclist and was wondering if you have a stage with a “Blow-Out” section.

I enjoy cycling but am not sure if I will be able to keep up with the main group all day.

Is there an age limit?

Do I need insurance?

Do you have a bike mechanic on the tour?

Not sure my bike will make the trip.

If I book a place and cannot take part in the tour, what happens to the funds raised?

When will you stop taking registrations for the 2015 Rugby Legends Atlantic 1000 / 800?

What if I have more questions?

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