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Spoiler title

How do I lodge money raised for the charity?

Can you advise on what cycle kit / equipment I need to pack / bring with me?

I'm a bit nervous as I am planning to do a stage / some stages / full tour on my own.

How will my luggage get transported?

What happens if I get tired and can't finish a stage?

How and when will my bike get transported?

Once I raise the funds required to do the stage (€290) or the full tour (€1,500), what other expenses will I have on the tour?

I am a keen cyclist and was wondering if you have a stage with a “Blow-Out” section.

I enjoy cycling but am not sure if I will be able to keep up with the main group all day.

Is there an age limit?

Do I need insurance?

Do you have a bike mechanic on the tour?

Not sure my bike will make the trip.

If I book a place and cannot take part in the tour, what happens to the funds raised?

When will you stop taking registrations for the 2015 Rugby Legends Atlantic 1000 / 800?

What if I have more questions?


What are the paces for the backs and the packs? Can comfortably do 25kph over 200km but on the flat, no hills! Wondering what the pace will be.

Pace is depending on the weather conditions on the day… we have two group The Pack departs at 8.30, the Backs depart at 9.30. Only target for the day is that both groups come home together on or before 4.30pm.

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