Frequently Asked Questions

If you have funds to lodge as part of your fundraising target and wish to do so direct into the CROSS Rugby Legends a/c, please note:
All lodgement(s) made on your behalf must have your name beside each lodgement. If this is not possible you must email the lodgement Reference with your name to

All Sponsorship Cheques should be made out to: Friends of CROSS
Bank Account Name: Friends of Cross
Bank of Ireland, Stillorgan
IBAN: IE79 BOFI 9013 3597 3705 17
Sort Code: 90-10-95
A/c No: 97370517

Closer to the date we will email to all cyclists a check list of cycling kit, spare kit, etc. that should be packed.

Don’t worry, plenty of the cyclists join us as individuals. Just read some of the testimonials in our testimonials section and join us at some of our pre-tour training spins to meet the old hands.

We have two cycling groups each day.

  • The Pack: The early group departs at 8.30am each day.
  • The Backs: The late group departs at 9.15 each day.

Pick the group that suits your ability and remember that you can swap groups each morning if you wish. Some cyclists head out with the the Pack, have a longer lunch and finish with the Backs where the pace is a little tougher!

A van will be parked outside the hotel every morning. Once you have packed up, just put your luggage in the van and the next time you will see it will be in the reception area of the next hotel.

A support vehicle that will pick up any cyclists who find the pace too difficult. Cyclists can stay in the vehicle for the remainder of the stage or, once rested, can re-join the tour further up the road.

Bike collection Details will be confirmed cloder to the event.

1. We do not charge to transport bikes, all bikes are transported at the owners risk; we do not take responsibility for any damage while the bikes are loaded / transported and unloaded
2. Due to the number of bikes we have to transport we are unable to take bikes in Bike Boxes / Bike Bags
3. We will accept bikes that are pre-wrapped for transport, however space is limited so packaging needs to be secure & compact

We have some tough stages on the CROSS Atlantic Cycle this year, notably stages 1, 2, 3, 5 so you will certainly have a challenge ahead of you. That said, we have a very sneaky section that can be added to Stage 2 for those who want a blow-out… This will be advised on the morning of the stage. Apart from this, all stages are as mapped in the 2017 route schedule.

We have two groups for each stage; the Pack which departs at 08.30am and the Backs which departs at 09.30am. Both groups have a lead car, a number of motorbike marshals, a support vehicle and paramedic back-up.

It is our aim to have all cyclists finishing each stage together. To accommodate this, the Backs travel at a faster pace. On the morning of each stage, you decide which group would suit you best. Don’t forget that we have a support vehicle behind each group which can give you a lift for a few kilometres if you need it.

Note: if you are falling behind your group and looking like you will not make up the distance, our lead marshal will recommend that you take a lift in the support vehicle to catch up and recover. If you decide to decline this offer then you will finish the remainder of the stage at your own pace. Our support/paramedic vehicles will continue with the main group and we will NOT be able to take responsibility for you for the remainder of that stage.

We require that tour participants are over 18 unless accompanied by an adult.

We Do Not provide insurance cover for the cyclists on this event, the CROSS Atlantic Cycle.
We strongly recommend that you take out personal accident insurance to cover you for the duration of the event.

Yes, we have a bike mechanic available for all cyclists. He will attend to minor repairs on the roadside where possible. If the bike cannot be repaired on the road, he will look at it again in the evening. If a bike requires parts replaced and the mechanic can do the job and will only charge for the replacement parts, labour is free of charge.

To ensure you have your bike ready for the morning you must let the mechanic know the night before if your bike needs attention… We cannot work miracles in the morning!

You are responsible for your own bike. It must be road-worthy and, for your own comfort, should be well capable of making the journey. If it breaks down, our mechanic will not deal with a bike that is not fit for purpose.

On Registration you pay €600. If you wish to cancel your Registration we will retain and admin fee of €150.

We can refund the rest to those who donated on your’ Just Giving’ page. Alternatively, you can leave the funds in ‘Just Giving’ and use them for the 2018 CROSS Atlantic Cycle.

As soon as it fills up. Based on the success of the 2016 tour and current registrations, we are well on our way to selling out. We may have some places available on individual stages.

The Lahinch to Galway stage is nearly sold out and there is limited availability on the Sneem to Dingle stage.

This year we have increased the registration fee for all cyclists: the per-stage price is now €600 and the price for the full tour is €2,400. This is an increase of €205 and €800 respectively. We understand that this may seem like an unreasonable fee increase so we would like to explain why we have decided on these figures. Please note that we base our costings on 80 cyclists taking part in the full tour.

Accommodation and catering: Our previous accommodation budget was set back in 2014 and was based on a full tour registration fee of €1,600. Three years later, the Wild Atlantic Way initiative has taken off and the economy has improved which has resulted in an increase of approximately €65 per day for our accommodation and catering costs. Over the course of the tour, this amounts to an additional cost of €325 per cyclist.

Support staff: As the economic outlook is improving in Ireland, many of our support staff are now unable to make themselves available for the full 10 days that we require (we need our support staff to be available for 3 days prior to the tour to get all vehicles, supplies, and bikes etc. in place before we hit the road and also for 2 days after the tour to tie up all the loose ends). We are now in a position whereby we need to hire our key support services, which amounts to 5 paramedics, 3 massage therapists, and 1 bike mechanic. As we also have to provide accommodation and meals for these key support services, this results in an additional €90 per cyclist per day or €450 for the full tour.

Fuel: The price of fuel has also increased over the past few years. We have an average of 13 motorbikes, 6 cars, and 4 vans on the tour at any one time, i.e. 23 vehicles that we need to fuel every day. We are very fortunate the PRL covers the fuel costs for our luggage truck and bike transporter, which lowers our fuel costs considerably. As it is, fuel increases add approximately €8 per cyclist per day or €40 for the full tour.

These combined increases come to €815 for the full tour and €163 for a single stage.

We understand that these increases look like a serious profit boost for the tour but the reality is that these costs have been creeping up on us for several years. We have considered all options available to us to reduce the price of hotels, cyclist and bike transfers, the Legends Night Gala Dinner and our daily laundry service. We have even considered restricting ourselves to having just one group of cyclists on the road (i.e. no early and late group system) but we felt that any cost-cutting in these areas would be detrimental to the cyclists’ experience of the tour. Our priority is always to make sure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable tour and to contribute as much as we can to the fundraising efforts of CR.O.S.S. Charity.

If you have any further questions, fill out the contact form and we’ll get back to you.