Terms & Conditions


“The Charity” - The registered charity CROSS (Cancer Research of the Oesophagus and
Stomach) Charity number CHY 389874
“ The Commisaire” - The person who shall arrange and provide the daily briefings in relation to the daily cycle, including details such as route plans, weather reports, rest stops, safety briefings.
“The Event” - The C.R.O.S.S Charity Mizen to Malin Head Charity cycle.
“The Organisers” – The Charity or such agents as nominate by the Charity.
“The Participants” – Those people who are partaking in the event.
“The Volunteers” – Those people who are engaged by the charity, the organisers and/or the commisaires to assist with the running of the event.


Terms & Conditions

I hereby agree to the following terms & conditions of my participation in C.R.O.S.S Charity Mizen to Malin Head cycle.

1. I acknowledge and agreed that my participation in the Event is entirely voluntary on
my own.

2. I have read, understood and accepted introduction pack details outlining the rules
and regulations applicable to the Event.

3. I acknowledge that the organisers and commisaires have explained to me the extent
and nature of the event and I am satisfied with same. I understand and acknowledge
that there is no responsibility on me to participate in the event or part thereof, nor
to finish the event. Should I realise that the event is outside on my limitations for
whatsoever reason, including injury or personal fitness, I understand that it is my
decision to cease the event or part of the event for my own reasons.

4. I have been made fully aware of, fully understand and acknowledge the
risks involved in my participation in the Event. I accept full responsibility and assume
all such risks. I hereby represent and warrant undertake to the Charity, the
Organisers, the Commisaires and the Volunteers the following with full knowledge
that they shall be relied upon in accepting my participation.

5. I have been made fully aware that for the participation in the event I must provide a
roadworthy bicycle. I acknowledge that the responsibility for the maintenance,
upkeep and care of the bicycle shall be mine alone. I acknowledge and accept that
the responsibility for ensuring that the bicycle is roadworthy, including all the necessary safety equipment as prescribed by law, is mine alone, and that signing this
document and entering the event I shall fully indemnify the organisers from any loss,
damage, delay, injury or affliction caused to me by my participation in the event.
Should a fellow participant in the event, the commisaire, the volunteers or the
organisers provide me with any equipment or spare parts I shall accept same entirely
at my own discretion and risk and I indemnify that person or persons who provided
me with such equipment from any claim as a result of loss, damage, injury or
affliction caused to me by virtue of my use of the equipment.

6. My personal particulars disclosed herein are correct; I have no medical condition
that would affect my safety and physical wellbeing arising from my participation in
this Event and that I am medically and physically fit and competent to participate in
the Event; I shall dutifully and fully abide by the Rules and Regulations of this Event
and any applicable laws.

7. I confirm that the representations, warranties and undertakings above are true and
correct and I (and my heirs, successors and assignees) shall waive, release, discharge
the Charity, the Organisers, the Commisaires and the Volunteers from any claim and
undertake that I (and my heirs, successors and assignees) shall not make any claim or
complaint whatsoever against the Charity, the Organisers, the Commisaires and the
Volunteers for any loss or damage or injury sustained by me, or for my death arising
from, during or after the Event.

8. Further, I (and my heirs, successors and assignees) shall indemnify and hold
the Charity, the Organisers, the Commisaires and the Volunteers harmless from any
claim, demand, proceeding, cost, expense, liability, loss or damage (whether direct
or consequential) made by any third parties, arising from any injury or death or
damage or loss to any property arising out of my breach of the representations,
warranties and undertakings in this document. PROVIDED always that the Organisers
shall be entitled in their sole and absolute discretion to disqualify me from the Event
if I shall breach any of the representations, warranties and undertakings herein in
any way whatsoever.

9. I declare to the best of my knowledge that I do not suffer from any of the
following pre-existing medical conditions: Any cardiac or respiratory weakness or
ailment; Epilepsy or any other neurological condition; Any orthopedic or
rheumatological complaint’s; or Any other complaint or condition which would
involve a serious risk to any physical or mental health by my participation in the

10. For the avoidance of doubt, in consideration of my acceptance into the Event, I
hereby confirmed my agreement to waive any claim (to the extent permitted under
the laws of Ireland) which I (any of my heirs, successors and assignees) may
otherwise be entitled to bring against the Charity, the Organisers, the Commisaires
and the Volunteers or your agents, employees, sponsors or contractors arising in any
way out of my participation in the Event, including but not limited to, any of the
following:a) Any injury, illness or death caused by or associated with my participation in the Event;
b) Any fainting or other physical or nervous reaction to alarm, shock or fright
suffered during the Event, whether such reaction manifests itself either during or at
any time after the Event; or
c) The need for hospitalisation or any form of paramedic or out-patient care which
may arise from (a.) or (b.) above.

11. I understand and accept that the Charity, the Organisers, the Commisaires and the
Volunteers may in their sole discretion refuse permission for any participant to take
part in the event or any part thereof of the event.

12. I accept that all the commisaires decisions with regards to the Event are final.

13. I acknowledge and understand that by signing this waiver I am absolving the Charity,
the Organisers, the Commisaires and the Volunteers of liability. This document is a
legal document that creates responsibilities upon me. I have been advised to seek
independent legal advice in relation to the execution of this document and I
acknowledge such advice.

14. No person who is not a party to this Waiver shall have any right to enforce any of the terms herein.


I wish to enter the Event and hereby agree to abide strictly by the above terms & conditions. In consideration of the acceptance of my entry, I, my heirs, successors and assignees, do hereby unconditionally waive and release the Organisers, their sponsors, all officials, persons and agencies involved in this Event, from all claims and damages whatsoever, that may arise from my participation, including without limitation, personal injury. I also certify that I am physically fit to participate in this Event.